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Defence College of Technical Training

Brig Bennett The Defence College of Technical Training (DCTT) educates personnel from all three Services in several different specialist areas: aeronautical engineering (AE), electro and mechanical engineering (EME), marine engineering (MarE) and communication and information systems (CIS).

From Oct 2015, DCTT schools will be located at 6 core sites around the UK.

DCTT’s mission is to deliver flexible, affordable, modern and effective training that meets the requirements of the nation’s Armed Forces and the needs of their trainees now and into the future.

The current Commandant of the DCTT is Brigadier Bennett.


Outstanding Ofsted reports for RAF Cosford and HMS SULTAN (December 2014 – March 2015)

Award winning apprenticeships

RAF Cosford awarded national award for excellence in Defence Education.

New contracts with BT and Babcock for CIS and EME training to ensure modern technologies used in pursuit of excellence.

Organising the College

A virtual college, across the multiple locations, to ensure specialist knowledge available in each area of expertise, irrespective of service.


Change Programmes

Technical Training Transformation Programme focusing on delivering up to date training using the most modern technologies and training methods.

Relocation of Bordon and Arborfield to Lyneham. Encompassing most of the REME and a portion of SAAE, Lyneham has had extensive building works and modernisation to ensure smooth transition.

All elements focus on delivering sufficient, professional, capable, motivated engineers and technicians, trusted to support front-line, global military operations.

The Four Schools

Defence School of Aeronautical Engineering (DSAE) including the School of Army Aeronautical Engineering (SAAE) and the Royal Navy Air Engineering and Survival Equipment School (RNAESS)

Defence School of Communication and Information Systems (DSCIS) including No. 1 Radio School (No. 1 RS) and Communications and Information System Training Unit (CISTU)

Defence School of Electronic and Mechanical Engineering (DSEME) including No. 4 School of Technical Training (No. 4 SoTT)

Defence School of Marine Engineering (DSMarE)

Also part of DCTT is the Defence Technical Training Change Program (DTTCP). This programme governs the ultimate aim of moving all technical training and HQ DCTT to MoD Lyneham. To find out more about DTTCP, please click here.

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