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Recruiting the best personnel is the first step on the path towards training excellence, and our recruitment policy, despite overall down-scaling, is wide-ranging and progressive in order to give us the best selection of candidates possible.

Our HQ, based at RAF College Cranwell, translates strategic policy and recruitment goals into targets and procedures which enable us to achieve the desired intake. The current Commandant of the RAF College is Air Commodore Squires.

Our primary objective is to fill the annual Manpower Plan (MP) as promulgated by the Strategic Manpower Planners at Air Command. In pursuit of this objective, we recognise the benefits which diversity brings to organisational effectiveness and therefore seek to recruit individuals from diverse backgrounds thereby properly representing the society we serve.

Our secondary objective is to raise awareness of the RAF amongst younger people and place the Service firmly on their radar as a career of first choice. The challenge is to engage with both youngsters and their key influencers such as parents, teachers, community leaders and youth/community workers. To this end, we have worked toward raising the profile of the RAF amongst pre-eligible (11-15 year olds) youngsters. In support of this objective, most RAF stations now have a Youth Activities Liaison Officers (YALOs) whose role it is to co-ordinate and promote youth activities.

We Deliver:

  • Phase 1 Training;
  • International Defence Training in support of national strategy;
  • The University Air Squadron(UAS)
    organisation and Air Experience Flight(AEF) flying;
  • Specialist training for Defence;
  • RAF lead for Youth Engagement and Science Technology, Engineering
    and Maths(STEM) Policy;
  • The safe operation of 6 airfields across 5 bases;
  • Air Leadership training and education from Air Cadet to Air Marshal;
  • A Home for RAF Sport.

Key Areas of Involvement

Some of the areas in which we are actively involved are as follows:

  • Providing expert RAF careers advice to the target audience from the 28 Armed Forces Careers Offices (AFCOs) and 12 RAF Information Points across the UK.
  • Building strong relationships with schools and colleges.
  • Providing support to, and promotion of, the Air Cadets.
  • Providing support to the University Air Squadrons (UAS).
  • Promoting RAF careers through active involvement in Air Shows, Town Shows and local careers events.
  • Sponsorship (of educational packages, significant events or sports such as basketball, rugby, hockey).
  • Find your role in the RAF. The new marketing campaign on TV, Radio and online, featuring RAF personnel and equipment in an operational context.
  • A completely new design RAF Recruitment website with more interactive content and full entry and eligibility criteria for all RAF roles.
  • A new, focused Social Media strategy, delivering more engagement with the target Regular & Reserve audience and working to assist with Customer Relationship Management through the application process.
  • A new bi-Service contact/call centre with the Royal Navy.

Smart marketing has resulted in a number of public campaigns which include:

RAF Careers

  • RAF Careers Logo

    Interested in joining the RAF? Follow this link to the RAF Careers Website.

    RAF Careers

RAF Altitude

  • RAF Altitude

    Visit the RAF Altitude Facebook page for further information about joining the RAF

    RAF Altitude
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