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Defence School of Communications and Information Systems

The Defence School of Communications and Information Systems (DSCIS) is that part of the Defence College of Technical Training that delivers both single Service and overseas CIS training and does so from a number of geographically dispersed sites. The School consists of a Headquarters and the 11th (Royal School of Signals) Signal Regiment based at Blandford Camp and Number 1 Radio School based at DSAE Cosford and maintains a strong working relationship with the Royal Navy CIS Training Unit at HMS Collingwood. More detail on each element’s specific role and function can be found under the relevant headings.

DSCIS Mission

To train Servicemen and women to deliver information and communication services on, and in support of, operations.

DSCIS Vision

A professional, forward thinking, joint establishment that delivers confident, battle-winning people to Defence with the right training, education and skills and in the quantity required. It puts training delivery to the fore by generating, developing and supporting highly motivated staff who deliver inspirational, imaginative and rewarding training in context. DSCIS achieves excellence through continuous improvement as a learning organisation with clarity of purpose, while contributing energetically to the transformation of technical training across Defence.

DSCIS Headquarters (HQ)

HQ DSCIS provides the governance, assurance and requisite co-ordination activities for the delivery of Army and RAF training. It also initiates and delivers training and organizational change to support the provision of training to Servicemen and women who deliver information and communication services on, and in support of, operations.

11th (Royal School of Signals) Signal Regiment (11 Sig Regt (RSI)

Mission: To train and develop individuals in trade and military skills, leadership and ethics in order that they are effective Royal Signals soldiers and commanders for operations.

The main element of the School at Blandford Camp, 11 Sig Regt (RSS) is the Army's centre for Communications and Information Systems training for officers and soldiers. The School comprises training delivery and training support elements as well as providing supervisory care for all students undergoing training. The School has training facilities for cable and fibre optics, computer laboratories, mobile radio, trunk and satellite systems. These are backed by a full range of training support facilities, a technical library and both electronic and technical workshops.

Number 1 Radio School (No 1 RS)

Mission: Provide the RAF and other Defence agencies with the required number of Eng (CE) and ICT personnel, trained to agreed output standards, in order to promote excellence in engineering and the RAF ethos.

Number 1 Radio School (No 1 RS) has responsibility for training Trade Group (TG) 4 Information Communication Technology (ICT) technicians, Future Engineering Officers under the Basic Entry Scheme (BES) and Eng Communication Electronic (CE) Officers. The School is focused on meeting Defence needs for current and future ICT and Eng (CE) training and although it still trains for the maintenance and operation of enduring systems, emphasis is geared to the delivery of Information Management and network enabled services. No 1 RS also incorporates the Aerial Erector School (AES) at RAF Digby delivering Communication Infrastructure Technicians, and has responsibility to Engineering Officer Foundation Training (EOFT) for the CE specialisation.

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