No. 2 Group

No 2 Group's vision is to Generate and Develop Effective Combat Support.

There are 2 distinct elements within No 2 Group

--Air Transport and Air-to-Air Refuelling (AT/AAR)

--Force Protection (FP).

Badge: An eagle perched on a helmet with wings extended. The badge symbolises No 2 Group's co-operation and close alliance with the Army

2 Group Crest Motto: Vincemus - 'We will conquer'

No 2 Group

No 2 Group’s role is to generate and employ military capability. The speed and global reach of 2 Group’s Air Mobility and Force Protection force elements allow the UK to rapidly deploy, sustain and recover its Armed Forces in response to developing security and humanitarian crises.

We are the first to arrive and the last to leave; we are second to none . . .

Air Mobility is a core airpower role. At short notice we can move air and ground combat forces to, from and around multiple theatres of operations, over strategic distances. Air Mobility is a key enabler for the combat operations that the RAF undertakes in its own right as an independent combat arm, as well as those undertaken with the British Army, the Royal Navy and our Allies during Joint and Combined ops. Air Mobility is as critical as any other air capability in underwriting the continued importance and relevance of the RAF because it is something that we can do that no other service can. 2 Group's aircraft are tasked to support Defence in its broadest sense. The communications fleet, based at RAF Northolt, operates the BAe 146 passenger aircraft and the Augusta 109 helicopter, and provides transport for Ministers and VIPs in direct support of National interests and operations worldwide. The air transport and air-to-air refuelling fleets are based at RAF Brize Norton and operate the C-130 Hercules, Atlas, Voyager and C-17 Globemaster.

Force Protection is a critical requirement for the successful employment of all forms of domestic and expeditionary military power, to counter threats and hazards, enable freedom of action and enhance operational effectiveness. Because aircraft are high value assets, and because their operating bases are so large and difficult to defend, a specialist organic Force Protection capability is required to protect our personnel, defend our combat assets and secure our freedom to operate. This Capability is provided by RAF Police and RAF Regiment with Force elements based on RAF stations throughout the UK. The RAF Force Protection Force Headquarters and training units are based at RAF Honington. A Significant number of Royal Auxiliary Air Force Units contribute to the Force Protection Force and their resources are fully integrated into the RAF Force protection capabilities.

No 2 Group’s Mission is to generate, sustain and develop the forces needed to succeed on current and future operations.

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