2622 (Highland)

The facts

Station name: RAF Lossiemouth

Station address: Lossiemouth, Moray IV31 6SD

Motto: Seasaidh sin arr tir (Gaelic meaning ‘We stand our ground’)

Mission: To play an important and vital part in force protection, providing a sustaining capability to the regular RAF Regiment field squadrons.

Roles: [link not available]

Get in touch: 0345 606 9069

More about this squadron

Based at RAF Lossiemouth, 2622 (Highland) Squadron is one of six RAF Reserves units with a Force Protection role. The unit consists chiefly of RAF Regiment gunners trained in infantry skills, but it also has a limited number of personnel in support duties. The Squadron’s role is to provide officers and gunners to augment the regular RAF Regiment, on operations and exercises, world-wide.

Roles and specialist skills

Gunners are required to master a range of skills, including infantry tactics, covert observation, target acquisition and close combat. Gunners also receive specialist weapons training, and become expert at handling everything from a bayonet to an anti-tank missile. The RAF Regiment needs to operate 24 hours a day, in any weather, so our Gunners become skilled in the use of the latest night-vision aids and other surveillance equipment. The progressively challenging training begins with general service knowledge and basic foot drill, before moving onto weapons and tactics, signals, first-aid and off-road driving.

Combat training is physically and mentally demanding and can take place anywhere in the world, from the jungle to the Arctic. Gunners need to be fit, active and prepared to endure difficult and demanding situations.

The key to our success is our effective, enjoyable and realistic training combined with our experienced training staff and high morale and sense of camaraderie within the ranks.

Recent deployments

Many of our Reservists have served in the USA, Cyprus, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Gibraltar, the Gulf and all over the UK.


2262 Squadron is the northernmost RAF Reserves unit in the United Kingdom and was formed in 1979 to assist with the ground defence of RAF Lossiemouth. Initially, its members were recruited solely from the local area, but the unit now recruits from Edinburgh, Glasgow, north Scotland, and the east and west coasts of Scotland.

Our Reservists are entitled to wear the Grey Douglas tartan kilt as part of their Mess uniform. This is a privilege granted to all Scottish Reservists by King Edward VIII.

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