4624 (County of Oxford) Movements

The facts

Station name: RAF Brize Norton

Station address: Carterton, Oxfordshire OX18 3LX

Motto: Ready to move

Mission: To provide fully trained Movements Reservists to support RAF operations worldwide.

Roles: https://www.raf.mod.uk/recruitment/roles/

Get in touch: 0345 606 9069

More about this squadron

Based at RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire, 4624 (County of Oxford) Movements Squadron is the RAF Reserves specialised air transport unit, and the largest squadron in the force. Its Reservists work alongside Regular RAF personnel, routinely handling passengers and freight at airfields throughout the world.

Roles and specialist skills

Logistics Movers are responsible for accepting, preparing and loading cargo and passengers for travel on RAF Air Transport, coalition and charter aircraft. They operate a multitude of specialist vehicles (obtaining the Civil Aviation Dangerous Goods Operator’s Certificate), and can be trained in operating certain aircraft systems related to the Movements role.

Movements Officers manage trained teams and qualify as Duty Air Movements Officers who can deploy worldwide.

Preparation for duty includes initial movements training, consisting of 12 weekends and a 17-day residential phase. This is then followed by further on-the-job training.

Recent deployments

4624 Squadron has contributed Reservists to deployments continually since 1999. Initially, they were supporting operations in the Balkans, Sierra Leone and the build-up to Afghanistan. In 2003, the whole squadron was mobilised to Basra, Baghdad, Kuwait and Qatar for operations in Iraq, where they maintained a presence before finally withdrawing.

More recently, Reservists have been heavily involved in supporting RAF regular Movements staff for operations in Afghanistan

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