4626 (County of Wiltshire) Aeromedical

The facts

Station name: RAF Brize Norton

Station address: Carterton, Oxfordshire OX18 3LX

Motto: Tute domum (Latin meaning ‘Safely home’)

Mission: To provide trained personnel for operational readiness in support of RAF requirements for aeromedical evacuation in times of conflict or crisis.

Roles: https://www.raf.mod.uk/recruitment/roles/

Get in touch: 0345 606 9069

More about this squadron

Based at RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire, 4626 (County of Wiltshire) Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron is the only specialised aeromedical evacuation unit in the RAF Reserves. Members work closely with the Regular RAF to evacuate injured military personnel from operational theatres. The unit also supports the RAF in peacetime air evacuation of military and civilian personnel from many locations around the world. It has been widely involved in operations, from the first Gulf War to the deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Roles and specialist skills

The roles we offer are mainly for medical professionals seeking a new and different challenge, and keen to develop their clinical skills. Members are trained to care for sick or injured military (or entitled civilian) personnel in conflict areas. They provide medical care to stabilised patients, on the ground or in the air, making sure that they are safely moved to a hospital or military establishment (usually within the UK).

The squadron offers opportunities for further specialist training, as well as combat fitness training.

Recent deployments

4626 Squadron’s Reservists have been deployed during times of crisis, including the Gulf War of 1990–91, and operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. The unit remains heavily involved in current operations and continues to provide medical support at a moment’s notice.

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