607 (Country of Durham)

The facts

Station name: RAF Leeming

Station address: 607 (County of Durham) Squadron, RAF Leeming, Northallerton, DL7 9NJ

Motto: Famously the Squadron chose not to have a motto

Mission: To recruit and train Reservists who will support Operations and Exercises around the World. The Sqn is a Centre of Excellence for the training of Logistics Supplier and MT Driver

Roles: https://www.raf.mod.uk/recruitment/roles/

Get in touch: 0345 606 9069

More about this squadron

Sqn History:

No 607 Squadron was formed on 17 March 1930 at Usworth as a day bomber unit of the Auxiliary Air Force. The former landing ground at Hylton used during World War One was in course of preparation as the squadron's base, but it was not until September 1932 that any personnel could move to the site. Next month a Gipsy Moth arrived to allow flying training to commence, and in December the first Wapitis were received.. These were replaced by Demons. No 607 being re-designated a fighter squadron on 23 September 1936. In December 1938 conversion to Gladiators began and these were taken to France in November 1939 to join the Air Component of the BEF.

In March 1940 Hurricanes began to arrive and within a few days of the German invasion in May had completely replaced Gladiators. With its airfields overrun, the squadron moved back to the UK to re-equip and in September moved south to defend southern England during the Battle of Britain. In October No.607 moved to Scotland returning south in August 1941 for fighter-bomber sweeps, the first taking place on 18 September. In March 1942, the squadron left India and joined No.166 Wing at Alipore on 25 May. At first engaged in escort and defensive duties, the squadron converted to Spitfires in September 1943 and added ground attack missions to its role. It flew Spitfires until the end of the Burma campaign, disbanding on 19 August 1945.

On 10 May 1946, No.607 reformed at Ouston as a day fighter squadron of the Auxiliary Air Force. After flying Spitfires for five years, it converted to Vampires in October 1950 and was disbanded on 10 March 1957.

Re-formed 5th January 2015, the Squadron is now a General Service Support Squadron (GSS)

Sqn Roles

The Squadron will recruit Logistics Specialists as MT Drivers, Chefs and Suppliers as well as Intelligence, RAF Police Reservists and HR directly from civilian life. In addition, ex-Regulars are sought to fill a range of Subject Matter Expert roles.

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