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Station Name: Prestwick

Location: Prestwick, Ayrshire

Postcode: KA9 2GX

Station overview

The Scottish Air Traffic Control Centre (Military) provides en route air traffic services to operational air traffic flying within the Scottish Flight Information and Upper Information Regions. ScATCC(Mil) and its civil counterpart, the Scottish Oceanic and Area Control Centre (ScOACC), are partners in one of the most successful civil/military ATC collaborations in the world. The shared facilities at Prestwick enhance the working relationships between civil and military controllers ensuring the increasingly busy skies of Northern Britain and its surrounding waters remain safe for all airspace users.

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Prestwick Station Crest

Station Name: RAF Benbecula

Location: Isle of Benbecula, Outer Hebrides

Postcode: HS7 5LA

Station overview

Situated in the Outer Hebrides on the island of Benbecula, the unit's radar provides long-range coverage of the North Atlantic approaches to Scotland. This data is fed into the Integrated Command and Control System within the UK.

RAF Benbecula Station Crest

Station Name: RAF Buchan

Location: Longhave, Peterhead Aberdeenshire

Postcode: AB42 ONX

Station overview

Originally opened in 1952 as an Air Defence Radar Unit, the site is home to a Control and Reporting Centre. CRC Buchan, a remote radar site, is capable of coordinating all aspects of air defence in its Area of Responsibility within the United Kingdom's Air Policing Area. Can routinely work closely with similar units in Scandanavia, NATO navies and Airborne Warning and Control aircraft, the CRC provides an accurate Recognised Air Picture and Weapons Control Capability. RAF Buchan also parents Remote Radar Heads Saxa Vord and Benbecula.

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RAF Buchan Station Crest

Station Name: RAF Lossiemouth

Location: Lossiemouth Moray

Postcode: IV31 6SD

Station overview

RAF Lossiemouth was built during 1938 and 1939 and opened on May 1, 1939 with No 15 Flying Training School as the major unit. In April 1940, the station was handed over to Bomber Command and No 20 Operational Training Unit was formed together with No 46 Maintenance Unit. At the end of the World War II hostilities, the station became a satellite of RAF Milltown in Coastal Command before becoming HMS Fulmar of the Royal Navy in 1946, the primary task being Fleet Air Arm operations. With the impending demise of aircraft carriers, the RAF returned on 28 September 1972 and the station has steadily assumed greater status since then. Aircraft types have included Whirlwind, Jaguar, Shackleton, Sea King, Hunter, Buccaneer and Tornado employed in various roles including search and rescue, airborne early warning, operational conversion unit, tactical weapons unit and maritime strike/attack. Ground-based units have included the air and ground defence, airfield damage repair and airfield support roles. With its present Typhoon compliment of three front line squadrons, the Tornado GR4 operational conversion unit – No XV (Reserve) Squadron - and 2 ground defence units – Nos 51 and 2622 (Highland) Squadrons RAF Regiment - RAF Lossiemouth is one of the foremost stations in the Royal Air Force.

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RAF Lossiemouth Station Crest

Station Name: RAF Tain (Bombing Range)

Location: Ross-Shire, Scotland

Postcode: IV19 1PE

Station overview

Tain is a bombing range on the Moray Firth, situated in the North of Scotland

RAF Tain (Bombing Range) Station Crest

Station Name: RRH Saxa Vord

Location: Haroldswick, Unst Shetland Islands, Outer Hebrides

Postcode: ZE2 9TJ

Station overview

The Saxa Vord site in the Shetland Islands has had a radar since 1957, which gives early warning of any aircraft approaching from the North. This data is fed into the Integrated Command and Control System within the UK.

RRH Saxa Vord Station Crest

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