Chief of the Air Staff's Warrant Officer


The Chief of the Air Staff's Warrant Officer (CASWO) is the senior warrant officer of the Royal Air Force.

The person holding this appointment advises the Chief of the Air Staff on matters concerning airmen and airwomen of the RAF. The post was created in 1996

Warrant Officer Jon Crossley 20161114-CASWO-1

WO Crossley was born and educated in Lancashire and joined the RAF in Nov1985. After completing basic training he completed Phase 2 training as a Plotter Air Photographer at RAF Wyton. After a short first tour at the Joint Air Reconnaissance Intelligence Centre (JARIC), RAF Brampton he was posted to 2 (AC) Sqn (Reconnaissance Intelligence Centre) at RAF Laarbruch in Sep 1986. Posted back to JARIC in Sep 1988 he undertook a number of roles predominately within the targeting sphere and undertook a 4 month detachment to the Reconnaissance Intelligence Centre (Northern Ireland) (RIC(NI)), RAF Aldergrove, in support of Op BANNER. Promoted to Cpl in 1990 he trained as a Photographic Interpreter and returned to JARIC. As a Cpl he was detached twice, for 4 months, to Incirlik AB, Turkey in support of Op WARDEN and again to the Linked Operations Centre Europe (LOCE) User Support Cell at RAF Molesworth providing 24 hour system user support to multi-national worldwide agencies. Returning to JARIC as a Sgt in Sep 1996, he undertook a management role and was detached to Gioia Del Colle IAB, undertaking Imagery Analysis tasking in support of Op DELIBERATE GUARD. In Sep 1998he was posted back to Aldergrove and RIC(NI), again supporting Op BANNER, in an Imagery Analysis role. Posted in 2002 to the newly formed Storm Shadow Central Training Facility (SS CTF) at RAF Marham, part of a 2 man team, he planned, designed, produced and delivered into service all Storm Shadow Missile Planning and Weapon Delivery software training. This role saw him as the UK’s sole trainer for 3D Point Position Training for GPS Weapon Delivery. Detached in 2003 to Al Udeid AB, Qatar he delivered Tactical Reconnaissance Collection Management in support of Op TELIC. He remained at SS CTF on promotion to FS and was awarded an AOC 1Gp Commendation in 2006. In Mar 2007 he was posted to the Air Intelligence Wing, DISC Chicksands as the Wing WO responsible for Phase 2 Officer and Airman Intelligence training. Promoted to WO in Oct 2009 he remained at Chicksands until Mar 2010 when he deployed to Op HERRICK to HQ ISAF in Kabul as the Theatre Operational Intelligence Group (TOISG) WO. On return he was posted to the Joint Service Signals Unit at RAF Digby, where he developed the Joint Service Geospatial and Imagery Analysis Team tasked with integrating fused intelligence products in support of the Digby mission. In Jun 2012 he was selected as the Recruit Training Squadron WO, RAF Halton. He completed ICSC(A) in Jun 14 before becoming the SWO at RAFC Cranwell. He was appointed to his current role as CAS WO in Oct 16. His passion is supporting and developing personnel and is a great advocate of the RAF Mentoring Scheme and is a qualified Trainer. He is also SafeTalk Instructor. Outside of work he volunteers as a local community Health Walk Leader He lives in Lincolnshire with his wife Eileen, a Finance Manager and they have one daughter, Lauren (24) who is a Fraud Investigator. He is an armchair rugby fan, enjoys all things outdoors, including gardening, is a DIY geek, and they are currently renovating an early 19th century cottage.


Combat Aircraft


Typhoon Aircraft

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The UK MOD has taken delivery of its first Lockheed Martin F-35B Joint Strike Fighter.


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