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Battle Honour Afghanistan 2001-2014

A message from the Commandant General RAF Regiment Air Commodore Scott Miller

‘’I want to take this opportunity to congratulate you and your personnel on the award to your Squadron of the Battle Honour Afghanistan 2001-2014, with the right to emblazon. This is fitting recognition for your Squadron’s exceptional achievements during the difficult and dangerous fight in Afghanistan, particularly operations to protect air power at Kabul Airport, Kandahar Airfield, Camp Bastion, and the Medical Emergency Response Teams.

Amongst the first to arrive in Theatre in Operation FINGAL and the last to leave on Operation HERRICK, the RAF Regiment’s task was operationally significant and tactically complex. Our personnel, regulars and reservists, acted with the highest professionalism in the face of an implacable and deadly enemy, all whilst enduring a punishing tempo of deployments.

The nature of our fight was such that we had to operate in the same areas repeatedly, making ourselves vulnerable to enemy attack, as a necessary measure to protect our bases and their aircraft. Many friends and colleagues made the ultimate sacrifice for their country and many others were wounded in action, yet we continued with our duty showing consistently high courage and fortitude.

The performance of our Corps in Afghanistan is rightly a matter of pride and was a clear demonstration of our professionalism and the importance of our role. As well as adding to our inspiring history, the award of this Battle Honour serves as yet another reminder for us of our duty to live up to the fine example set by those who have gone before.

In addition to the award to Nos II,1, 63, 15, 51, 27 and 34 Sqns RAF Regiment, the battle honour has also been awarded to the, now disbanded, Nos 58 and 3 Sqns RAF Regiment’’

Per Ardua

A Gunner of 58 Squadron RAF Regiment conducting a routine patrol near to Camp Bastion in Afghanistan
A Gunner of 58 Squadron RAF Regiment conducting a routine patrol near to Camp Bastion in Afghanistan


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