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II Sqn Op SHADER C130 FP Detachment

The II Sqn Op SHADER C130 FP Detachment completed its routine 3-monthly internal handover this month at RAF Akrotiri.

II Sqn Aviation Security Teams make a vital contribution in support of Op SHADER and wider activity in the Middle East; protection of Air assets and aircrew can only be enabled by Air-minded operators; the heart of the capability the RAF Regiment provides.

Op SHADER provides II Sqn gunners with highly valuable exposure to Air ops, and consolidates their extensive training in an environment where tactical decision-making can have strategic-level consequences.

Training never stops whilst on deployment; whether its revising close-quarter battle drills for dealing with potential insider-threats, maintaining readiness to respond to Indirect Fire (IDF) or Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) attack in Theatre, or reinforcing their understanding of the atmospherics in hostile locations. The battle-rhythm the II Sqn team impose upon themselves provides assurance that they can react in the most direct manner to mitigate emerging threats to Air ops.

II Sqn has established a close working relationship with pilots and aircrew of 47 Sqn, which is maintained through clearly defined roles and a mutual understanding of what each person will do in the event of an incident.

Fg Off Rory Coatsworth, Team Cdr.

‘’In the face of the COVID-19 Pandemic, our ability to conduct our role has required us to adapt quickly, especially with the movement of large numbers of service pers around the JOA. We adhere rigorously to the new personal protective measures; our mindset is that even though the likelihood of exposure is deemed to be low, we must do everything we can practicably to minimise the risk”

“Because we operate in small, specialist teams, each individual carries a significant amount of responsibility when conducting our defensive role in Th; each person must maintain constant vigilance, be able to identify when changes occur in the atmospherics and be able to respond with speed, precision and consideration to their immediate surroundings”

Members of the II sqn detachment based at RAF Akrotiri
Members of the II sqn detachment based at RAF Akrotiri

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