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Introducing the New RAF Police Operating Model

The RAF Police play a key role in the provision of security for the RAF and for wider Defence. To be ready for the challenges of tomorrow, a new operating model is being introduced by the RAF Police to ensure it can adapt rapidly to new threats and continue to remain in the best possible position to protect, secure and enable the Next Generation Air Force.

The model will be implemented in three phases over the next 2 years. Phase One has begun and will see significant changes to Specialist Police Wing and Numbers 4 and 8 Force Protection Wings as follows:

  • Specialist Police Wing will establish an Insider Threats team, invest workforce in specialist Counter Intelligence and Protective Security, and begin dedicated projects to refocus Law Enforcement and digitise RAF Police operations in Law Enforcement and Protective Security.
  • Number 4 Force Protection Wing will deepen its alignment with the Air Mobility Force through expanding RAF Police Sqn support to the Air Mobility Force Squadrons and wider 2 Group logistics capabilities. Resources available to deliver Aviation Security will be increased, including additional RAF Police and RAF Regiment personnel, whilst the Wing will also integrate the first Tactical Police Flight into No 3 Force Protection Wing.
  • Number 8 Force Protection Wing will embed RAF Police Sqns within the Lightning, Typhoon and Intelligence, Surveillnce, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance Force and will establish a dedicated team to provide command and control for Station Security Flights within Number 22 Group.

Phase Two will see Number 4 Force Protection Wing establishing a dedicated team to provide command and control for Station Security Flights within the Air Battle Management, Space and Force Protection Forces and further integration of Tactical Police Flights into Force Protection Wings. Specialist Police Wing will form Hybrid Threats Teams, comprising Counter Intelligence and Protective Security experts, which will ultimately be collocated alongside the Royal Air Force’s most critical assets to provide bespoke specialist capabilities.

Phase Three will continue to grow our Force Protective Security capabilities and integrate the final Tactical Police Flights.

We will also seek to make increasing use of our RAF Police Reserve personnel and the wider Whole Force to provide more resilience for the many outputs we will continue to produce for the Next Generation Air Force.

Graphic demonstrating Counter Intelligence

Graphic demonstrating Protective Security

Graphic demonstrating Law Enforcement

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