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LGBT+ History Month - RAF Police Representative

February welcomes the LGBT+ History Month, which promotes equality, diversity, and celebrates individual differences. The campaign also raises awareness to the LGBT+ communities’ history and the many obstacles they have had to overcome within society.

The RAF has always had a keen focus on diversity and inclusion, providing a workplace that is free from discrimination, proved by being announced as a Stonewall Top 100 Employer. This marks the development of the RAF since the MOD’s ban on allowing personnel to serve openly was lifted in January 2000.

In 2006 The RAF LGBT+ forum was formed which in 2012 became the RAF LGBT+ Freedom Network. The RAF LGBT+ Freedom Network continues to provide support and advice to personnel in anything, from issues at work to advice on adoption.

Cpl Greenfield and her military working dog
Cpl Greenfield and her military working dog

RAF Police (RAFP) Cpl Greenfield is proud to be the LGBT+ Representative for her trade, as well as for the whole force.

Cpl Greenfield, who is a military working dog handler from RAF Waddington shares her thoughts:

The role of LGBT representative for the RAFP flight felt important to me as I have personally been through the process. I joined the RAFP whilst being in a straight relationship and subsequently went through the process of coming out. I have experienced first-hand that my sexual orientation has no effect on my job role, my responsibilities as a military working dog handler or even the wider Air Force. I feel that you can be your true self and be comfortable enough to be you, whether that’s at work, on deployments or in your own private life. I am confident in saying anyone of any orientation or background should and can work in the RAFP without discrimination. There is a keen focus on diversity and inclusion within the RAF and it is important to have a LGBT representative to help the community with issues that may inadvertently arise. Having a rep can benefit the trade because, if you’re happy within yourself, you perform better and can work free from worry or anxiety about your orientation. I am keen to be the go-to for anyone, no matter what sexual orientation they identify as.

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