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Every year the Royal British Legion hosts the annual Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall to commemorate all those who have lost their lives in conflicts.

This year's Festival of Remembrance marked the 75th anniversaries of the great battles of 1944 and the collaboration and friendship of the British, Commonwealth and Allied armies who fought them.

Together, we remembered the men and women from so many different nations, cultures, religions and communities who came together and stood shoulder to shoulder to defend our freedom and way of life.

Four members of the RAF Police were honoured to take part in the ceremony, Cpl Elloise Messam from RAF Cranwell said:

Having the honour of being part of the Festival of Remembrance for a second year really is a privilege.  Last year, I was part of the torch escort party and this year I was part of the Armed Forces Muster, which was awesome.  You get an immense feeling of pride being stood there, representing not only the RAF, but being one of 4 people representing the RAFP, in front of HRH and members of the Royal Family; it’s certainly not something we get to do very often.  I volunteered to be part of it all, and I would recommend everyone do the same; it truly was an amazing experience to have.

L-R Cpl Jinks, Cpl Elloise Messam, Cpl Chris Railston, Cpl Tash Lindley
L-R Cpl Jinks, Cpl Elloise Messam, Cpl Chris Railston, Cpl Tash Lindley

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