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RAF Regiment Support Ex TARTAN SPIRIT

II Squadron Flight Sgt reserving a quad bike from the rear of aircraft during Ex TARTAN SPIRIT

GUNNERS from II Squadron RAF Regiment have deployed alongside the Air Mobility Force as part of Ex TARTAN SPIRIT, a C130 Hercules Exercise designed to practice mountain flying while projecting air power from a dispersed location.

Operating out of West Freugh in Scotland, II Squadron RAF Regiment has deployed to provide a safe operating location for the Operational Conversion Unit, which is operating C130 Hercules as well as developing the capability of A400M Atlas aircraft from the forward operating base.

The Exercise sees enhanced interoperability between a number of enablers, including 47 Air Dispatch Squadron, who inserted all equipment by airdrop, Tactical Air Traffic Control who have established the Tactical Landing Zone and the RAF Regiment.

As part of the agile basing model the Command and Control element is dislocated from other Force Elements at Prestwick Airport which will enable Command and Control procedures to be tested.

Flight Sgt Ryan Whitlock II Sqn Trg Development Officer said

By training together, we continue to provide an integrated and scaleable Air Force Protection capability whilst helping to prepare all RAF personnel for the rigours of operations by providing them with mission critical skills that will give the RAF operational advantage.

 He continued, 

as Air Minded Force Protection specialists, we are helping our people to develop and working with others force enablers in order to help to protect them against current threats.

II Squadron are focussed on operating within the Complex Air Ground Environment with Remotely Piloted Aircraft System support that contributes to a safer environment in which to operate RAF aircraft.

Working alongside RAF movements specialists II Squadron has been conducting scenario-based training, including Engine Running Offloads with XXIV Squadron aircrew similar to those seen during the recent evacuation of personnel from Afghanistan.

A representative from Air Ops planning said, ‘

This exercise is part of a wider RAF approach that will see it ‘Always Operating, Ready to Fight’ by demonstrating the ability to deploy quickly to, and operate from, suitable locations that may not be traditional operating bases and improve the RAF’s resilience and flexibility to responds to threats by doing so.

 Members of II Squadron RAF Regiment board an aircraft during Ex TARTAN SPIRIT

Members of II Squadron wait on the pan at West Freugh during Ex TARTAN SPIRIT

Members of II Squadron waiting in front of the A400M during Ex TARTAN SPIRIT

Members of II Squadron carry out Engine Running Offloads

A member of II Squadron RAF Regiment during Engine Running offloads

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