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Rock Olympics 19

It is believed that one of the first Rock Olympics was held between 1976-78 at RAF Gütersloh in the then West Germany. Rock Olympics over the years, since its inception in the 1970s in RAF Germany , has had a sporting feel to it, where RAF Regiment Squadrons in Germany would compete against each other for bragging rights.

Perhaps RAF Gütersloh, home to the Harrier Force during the Cold War years, held a significance for the warrior spirit that the event encourages and fosters even to this day.

Understandably, during very busy Operationally high tempo periods for the Corps, plans for events such Rock Olympics have had to been shelved. Rock Olympics has been held at RAF Catterick - The former RAF Regiment depot and more recently 2012, 15 and 2016 at RAF Honington the home of RAF Force Protection. This year Rock Olympics will be true to its roots, its designed to foster the warrior spirit and will to win, ten teams will compete this year on 9 May 19 at RAF Honington. Huge effort is expended by the Regt Sqns and Units to be first, to be crowned winners, who will be victorious and be crowned champions in 2019?

The event is sponsored by the Centurion Fund - The Centurion Fund is the charity of the RAF Regiment.  The fund is charged with the care and maintenance of the Corp’s name, traditions and history, fostering esprit-de-corps and comradeship amongst members and former members of the RAF Regiment.

Corps Warrant Officer – WO Shaun Griffin

‘’As the Corps Warrant Officer I see the huge significance sport, adventurous training and military skills competitions bring to the RAF Regiment. These type of events fully stretch our people and place them under stresses not easily created and then force decisions from them while they under extreme fatigue and close to exhaustion, this can only ever enhance our Operational Effectiveness.

The Rock Olympics does this in spades but so much more, it brings the Corps together and enhances our already strong bond as brothers, we go head to head, mate against mate, whilst proudly wearing our Squadron and Unit colours’’


Air Commodore Adrian McGuire 1928-2013 Former Director of the RAF Regiment.

Air Commodore Adrian McGuire MBE (RAF Regiment) was an expert in British-protected states of the Arabian Peninsula. In early 1957, when close to the Yemen border, McGuire led a group of local tribesmen to the rescue of a newly-arrived British Army platoon which had transgressed an isolated prohibited area and been effectively destroyed in a close-quarters ambush, losing its commander and many of its NCOs and men. On arrival at the remote scene, McGuire ordered his “scratch” force to hold off the attackers while he rallied the demoralised survivors to tend the wounded and gather the dead, still under fire. McGuire’s courageous decision to entrust the tribesmen with the defence of the casualties undoubtedly saved more lives. Upon returning to Britain, McGuire was appointed MBE for his work in Arabia and was later attached to the Foreign Office during the Anglo-Yemeni truce talks in 1962.

In 1964 he assumed command of No 51 Squadron, RAF Regiment, part of the RAF’s Strategic Rapid Reaction Force. McGuire’s “rapidity” was put to the test a year later, when Rhodesia declared independence and he was required to embark his 160-man unit within six hours.

The teams were made up of 10 personnel plus 1 team manager and they conducted the following activities:

  • Tug of war
  • Assault Course
  • Vehicle Pull
  • Stretcher Race

Teams that took part:

  • Force Protection Centre RAF Honington
  • Training Wing RAF Honington
  • 1 Squadron RAF Regiment - RAF Honington
  • II Squadron RAF Regiment – RAF Brize Norton
  • 15 Squadron RAF Regiment – RAF Honington
  • 27 Squadron RAF Regiment – RAF Honington
  • 34 Squadron RAF Regiment – RAF Leeming
  • 51 Squadron RAF Regiment – RAF Lossiemouth
  • 63 Squadron RAF Regiment – RAF Northolt
  • Initial Force Protection Training Flight – RAF Halton
II Sqn during the stretcher race
II Sqn during the stretcher race
1 sqn during the assault course
1 sqn during the assault course
15 Sqn tug of war
15 Sqn tug of war
All teams on the start line of the stretcher race
All teams on the start line of the stretcher race
IFPT during the vehicle pull
IFPT during the vehicle pull
The piper piping the teams onto the tug of war final
The piper piping the teams onto the tug of war final


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