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Sqn Ldr Chris Jordan – RAF Regiment exchange officer in France

France has been in lockdown since 17 Mar 20. Through our network of UK based family and friends we managed to get our 3 girls home to Bordeaux from Ipswich and Leeds, just days before the cessation of commercial flights at Bordeaux. Our greatest fear was to be separated indefinitely from our children. The initial announcement of lockdown sent the nation into a rush to the shops, however, once the regulations were established things quickly settled down. Being in lockdown in a foreign country is concerning where paperwork must be produced for each essential outing. Direct links with the British Embassy and the RAF Regt are hugely reassuring and we have quickly adapted to the routine of lockdown. The children can access their studies online and Joe Wicks’ workouts (The Body Coach) keep us sane!

Sqn Ldr Jordan pictured with his family
Sqn Ldr Jordan pictured with his family


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