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The RAF Regiment is a specialist corps founded by Royal Warrant in 1942. Its principal purpose is to counter our adversaries across a wide spectrum of threats, wherever and whenever necessary. The RAF Regiment also prepares non-Force Protection specialists for the rigours of operations.  The human dimension is at the core of what we are; people are our fighting edge. The Complex Air Ground Environment (CAGE) – this environment in and around an operational airfield has many multifaceted levels requiring dedicated and specialist protection. Force Protection in the CAGE is our raison d’etre.

The RAF Regiment has seven regular and six reserve squadrons organised in to 7 wings. In addition, the RAF Regiment provides Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs) to the British Army and Royal Marines, and provides a flight sized commitment to the Special Forces Support Group.

There are 6 Force Protection Wings based across the UK. Two of the Wings are designated as the lead part of the Joint Expeditionary Force and are focused on RAF Police and RAF Regiment expeditionary capability inclusive of Armoured Vehicles (Wheeled) and Military Working Dogs. The second Joint Expeditionary Force Wing also delivers RAF Ceremonial and Joint Terminal Attack Controller capability. The 4 Multirole Force Protection Wings are tasked with providing a particular aircraft type or role with the necessary defence. The Multirole Wings are responsible for a geographic security region with the home base as well as being the units of choice to deploy alongside their aligned aircraft types.


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