Air Marshal Andrew Turner


Deputy Commander Capability is responsible for the strategic planning and delivery of all aspects of Royal Air Force capability including, people, equipment, infrastructure and training. He sits on the Air Force Board as the Air Member for Personnel and Capability.


Air Marshal Turner was born in 1967 and commissioned into the Royal Air Force in 1985.  As Deputy Commander of the Royal Air Force he is responsible for the workforce, training, its equipment and finance to ensure the Service can deliver air and space power for the nation and project power and influence around the World. 

He was educated at Kingswood School in Bath, the RAF Colleges Cranwell and Bracknell, the Indian Staff College, the UK Higher Command and Staff College, the Royal College of Defence Studies and the UK Pinnacle and US Capstone courses.  He has studied at Oxford, Exeter, Kings College London, Chennai and the Open Universities earning Masters in International Relations and Strategic Studies and a first degree in Oceanography and Cosmology.

A helicopter pilot with 5100 flying hours, he has flown 1850 of those on 19 operational tours in Northern Ireland, Central America, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Bosnia, Kosovo, India, Albania, Pakistan and Afghanistan.  He has commanded 28 (AC) Sqn, RAF Odiham, the UK Merlin and UK Chinook Forces, the Special Forces Aviation Wing, the Puma Force in Kosovo, Merlin Force in Iraq, the Chinook, Apache, Lynx and Sea King Forces in Afghanistan and No 22 Group.  Para trained he has completed staff appointments in the UK MoD as the Director of Defence operations and in planning and media, PJHQ as the head of military planning, Washington as CDS’ Liaison Officer and in brigade, division and corps headquarters. 

He is the President of No 1827 (Odiham) ATC Squadron, President of the RAF Sports Parachute Association, President of the RAF Polo Association, Vice President of the Royal Air Force Charitable Trust, Vice President of RAF Rugby Union, an Upper Freeman of the Honorary Company of Air Pilots, a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society a Companion of the Chartered Management Institute, an oarsman in the Upper Thames and a member of the Light Cavalry in Windsor Great Park.

He was appointed as an Officer in the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire as an Officer (OBE) in the 2003 Birthday Honours and promoted to Commander (CBE) in the 2010 Birthday Honours. He was appointed a Companion in the Order of the Bath (CB) in the 2019 New Year Honours.

Personal Statement for Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion are essential elements of today’s and the Next Generation Royal Air Force. They bring wisdom, increase insight and deepen our understanding of the World today, which improves our decision-making and enhances our combat effectiveness as we confront the challenges arrayed ahead of us.

Race, religion, age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/reassignment, marriage/civil partnership and pregnancy alongside increased socio-economic representation and greater cognitive diversity are the key attributes we must attract and nurture if our Service is to succeed and prosper.

This visible and invisible Diversity positively enriches our understanding of the World, broadens our insight into its challenges and widens the essential debates we need to make better decisions and act more effectively as a Service. Diversity is a critical component of our combat capability.

In parallel, Inclusivity allows us to harness the innate and collective power of our Whole Force. We will benefit from a sum greater than the parts and materially and cognitively mobilise the workforce through a real sense of worth and reward. Everyone’s intellect, perspective and cultural points of view are vital to the Service’s endeavours.

As the Royal Air Force Diversity & Inclusion Champion, I will deepen and broaden diversity across the Service and extend and exploit inclusivity across the Command. I am passionate about this and will be a strong advocate for both. I will lead our drive, set the direction, harness the network, direct the Champions and demand progress. I will seek out and reward positive behaviours and role models in order to inspire others and raise awareness of our successes. I will be an active and engaged ambassador with external organisations, which will help make our Service more accessible to minorities and enable us to learn from others.

Across the nation, Royal Air Force Diversity and Inclusion must be a leading, inspirational beacon.

Career history

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2003 - Appointed OBE

2010 - Appointed CBE

2019 -  Appointed CB