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Men and women serving in the Army and Royal Air Force Working at RAF Akrotiri meet the Deputy Commander of the Field Army

Men and women serving in the Army and Royal Air Force working at RAF Akrotiri had the opportunity to put questions to the Deputy Commander of the Field Army during a forum at the station.

140 personnel met with Major General Bill O’Leary, the most senior Reserve Officer in the Army, to discuss the opportunities and challenges of working together to support operations in the Broader Middle East.

Those working in logistics, engineering, medicine, personnel and the infantry met with him to discuss a range of subjects that effect their daily working and family life.

“This is my opportunity to hear first-hand what affects our soldiers, airmen and officers,” he said. “When I meet them face to face, they will tell me how it is. If I can see trends, then I can follow up and have an opportunity to make things better.”

Seeing the Army and the RAF working together is important to Maj Gen O’Leary. “Interoperability is key. As the Armed Forces goes forward, we must never lose sight of the fact that we are a whole force. That means all three services, Regular and Reserve, MOD civil servants and contractors.”

“It is hugely significant that Deputy Commander Field Army has met with personnel and heard from them how things are on the ground every day,” said Gp Capt Chris Snaith, Station Commander, RAF Akrotiri.

“Our people are at the centre of what we do. They work extremely hard in a busy environment. It is important that they have the opportunity to raise matters that are important to them with our senior leadership.”

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