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RAF Akrotiri joins with Sovereign Base Area Police to raise awareness about Road Safety


Personnel and families at RAF Akrotiri have teamed up with the Sovereign Bases Area (SBA) Police to take part in a number of activities  to raise awareness about safety on the roads in the lead up to Christmas.

Road Safety Week is part of a UK Government initiative to promote awareness of danger on the roads and reduce the number of accidents. According to the charity Brake which coordinates the week, someone is killed every 20 minutes on UK roads.

“The activities organised are all about raising awareness of the Fatal Five,” explains Flying Officer George Timms, Deputy Chair of the Road Safety Committee. “Speeding, wearing seat belts, drink driving, using mobile phones and careless driving. Many accidents that happen are totally preventable, so the week is about reminding people of their responsibilities towards there own safety and the safety of others.”

During the week, which ran from the 18-24 November, as part of a wider initiative within British Forces Cyprus, personnel and their families got to take part in a number of activities, including a free vehicle winter health check and mock driving tests.

The highlight of the week was a live crash exercise in which sections from across the Station took part. This took place in front of the Station Learning Centre and families and personnel were able to come and view the event as it unfolded.

“We want to educate drivers of the dangers of drinking and driving,” said Lucy Charalambous SBA Community Police Officer. “We have a zero tolerance policy in the SBA. If someone is caught drink driving they will go straight to court.”

“Road Safety remains at the forefront of our minds throughout the year,” said Station Commander Group Captain Chris Snaith. “However, in the lead up to Christmas and the party season it is more important than ever to remind people about the dangers of drink driving. 

“This week the Stn has worked closely with SBA Police to remind the community about the top five killers on the roads through a series of activities aimed to help drive home the message. Whether it’s been trying to steer a car using specially adapted beer goggles or having the opportunity to witness the serious implications of a car accident, together they have done a great job in raising awareness.”


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