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RAF Brize Norton HIVE

RAF Brize Norton HIVE
Community Support Centre
RAF Brize Norton
OX18 3LX

Email: Melanie.Bushnell959@mod.gov.uk

Phone: 01993 895349 or 01993 897543

Opening times: Monday to Thursday, 8am to 4pm, Friday, 9am to 3pm.

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Emergency Instructions Guidance

In common with many Ministry of Defence establishments and to support national defence activities, RAF Brize Norton continues to store some substances that are classified as hazardous (such as fuel and explosives).  We have teams of trained professionals who are experienced in handling these substances and who operate under very stringent laws and regulations relevant to our operations. Under these Regulations, our traditionally stringent standards were extended to ensure that the internal plans at RAF Brize Norton for dealing with possible emergencies included procedures for notifying members of the public nearest to the station. The link goes to a leaflet that outlines the warnings that will be given and the actions you should take in the event of such an emergency occurring.

Emergency Instructions Guidance Leaflet 

The 25M Range

RAF Brize Norton is home to 5800 active Service Personnel, approximately a fifth of the regular Royal Air Force.

All serving personnel are part of the structure who provide the capability needed to ensure; the security and defence of the United Kingdom and its territories and to support the Government’s foreign policy objectives, particularly in promoting international peace and security.

In order to maintain a fit, qualified and capable workforce, there are mandated training packages that all personnel have to complete annually, including qualifying to fire small arms. To meet this commitment, the 25 metre range at RAF Brize Norton can have up to 25 people per day (week days) firing on it to qualify.

RAF Brize Norton has been working very hard to reduce the amount of times the range is utilised in order to ensure the impact of our training is minimised, particularly at night and over the weekends.

The 25 Metre Range will be in use, the week commencing 12th Nov, as follows:

No range use notified.

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