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College 100 - 1940's


During our Centenary year we are looking at a different decade each month; this month we are looking back at the 1940’s.

Officer Cadet training at the RAF College closed for the duration of the Second World War, Instructional Staff and Cadets were recalled from leave on 30th August 1939, with the last Flight Cadets being commissioned in March 1940.

RAF Cranwell remained open, the College forming the nucleus of the wartime flying training organisation by becoming a Flying Training School (FTS).

At the start of the war, 100% of cadets - if they proved worthy in all respects - were commissioned.  This later changed to the commissioning of only a certain percentage of cadets and only on receiving their wings.

During the war years Cranwell was the home for 12 aircraft types; Tutor, Hart, Fury, Hector, Oxford, Master, Tiger Moth,  Blenheim I, Blenheim V, Spitfire, Harvard and the Anson I.

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