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Marshal of the Royal Air Force Lord Hugh Trenchard - known affectionately as the Father of the Royal Air Force was critical to the formation of the RAF College.  Lord Trenchard was the first Chief of the Air Staff.

Lord Hugh Trenchard

His paper entitled "Permanent Organisation of the Royal Air Force" - was accepted by the Secretary for War and Air in December 1919.  The RAF College was to be the main channel of entry for permanently commissioned officers, founded on the best principles of education and instruction.

Lord Trenchard's message to the Commandant and staff of the RAF College was "to learn by experience, how to organise and administer a great service, both in peace and war, and you, who are present at the College in it's first year, will, in future, be at the Helm.  Therefore, you will have to work your hardest, both as Cadets at the College and subsequently as officers in order to be capable of guiding this great service through it's early years and maintaining its traditions and efficiency in the years to come".  (Extract from E B Haslam - The History of Cranwell).

To support the ground crews needs of the RAF, Lord Trenchard also formed an Aircraft Apprenticeship scheme - the objective being to create a body of highly skilled tradesmen.  The image below shows apprentices on the parade square at RAF Cranwell in approximately 1920.

Today, the RAF has an excellent apprenticeship scheme - if you are interested in a career in the RAF and would like a guaranteed job at the end of your apprenticeship please visit:  https://www.raf.mod.uk/recruitment/apprenticeships

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