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RAF Odiham host 4x4 giants

On 17th Sep RAF Odiham hosted directors and clients of Jaguar Landrover for a “Money Can’t Buy” day with another formidable machine, the mighty Chinook!

The Landrover is as synonymous with the British Forces as the Chinook, both leaders in their field and battle hardened, the co-operation over the last 70 years has produced a strong relationship supporting our forces on every corner of the globe. 

JLR provide continued support the Chinook Display Team with the use of the fantastic Landrover Discovery.  This provided a much-needed whole crew vehicle, removing burden and cost to the RAF Odiham transport fleet, while actively advertising the teams presence due to its unique and distinctive design. The Chinook Display Team demonstrate UK Chinook capability to the public and cover many thousands of miles travelling to Air shows and other engagements, not to mention the upwards of 1 million people who meet the team at Air shows and online each year.

During the visit the guests of JLR were treated to a brief about the history of the Chinook Force and its current Operations and commitments. The guests experienced a walk around of the aircraft before heading to the Officers Mess for lunch in the impressive Chinook Room.  This gave the visitors the opportunity to talk with members of the Chinook Force, as well as the operational experiences of the crews and enablers from across the Station. 

The highlight of the day was getting to experience the Chinook first hand with a short flight around the local area, this unique opportunity reinforced the capability of the aircraft while viewing the Hampshire countryside from arguably the best mode of transport, albeit less luxurious than the Team Discovery.

MAcr Vince Bartlett, the 2018 Chinook Display team manager organised the day as part of the ongoing support to the MOD reflected on the day:

The Chinook Display Team and RAF Odiham are proud to be associated with Jaguar Landrover, use of this vehicle has allowed the autonomy needed to conduct important engagements throughout the year while showcasing the Chinook Force at its best.


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