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RAF Odiham ride to success at RAF Cranwell competition

On Thursday 12th September 20 members of Odiham Saddle Club departed for RAF Cranwell to take part in the Festival of Equitation.  12 riders and 8 helpers as well as 5 individual horses made the 160 mile journey utilising our brand new RAF Central Fund supported Ifor Williams Trailers. This weekend was the culmination of 12 months of hard work and training for both horse and rider, pushing individuals to their limit of concentration skill and determination.

Photo by: Mr George Parish

Below are the results for the Odiham Team:

Overall an extremely successful weekend away resulting in 17 Rosettes making their way back to Odiham. Especially well done to the riders on Hireling, these individuals only met their horses for the first time on Friday morning during a pairing session.

Photo by: Mr George Parish


Thank you to all of our ground support over the weekend keeping us on time, calm and helping to look after all of the horses. SAC Nina Wilton, FS Chris Adams, SAC Ian Boyd, SAC(T) Laura Coltman, Cpl Steve Rudge, Miss Hattie Boardman, Miss Francesca Rosewell, Cpl Toni Richardson.

One last mention on behalf of the whole Saddle club:

I would like to say a huge good luck and goodbye (for now, as we would love you back) to SAC Nina Wilton as she sadly stands down as OIC and departs to follow her dream of commissioning. Nina started this club just over 3 years ago and has been the back bone of the club ever since. Instilling confidence and knowledge to all new members at club nights or quiet chats before competitions to settle nerves, she truly has been the leader we needed and will be sadly missed. We are all so very proud of you and look forward to watching you grow on the next leg of your journey in the Royal Air Force.

Photo by: Mr George Parish


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