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The location of the base in relation to Ermine Street is significant. The history of the use of the historic route through the north of Lincolnshire for Pilot Training purposes in WWI is well documented, and the views along the road to Lincoln Cathedral traditionally assisted pilots returning to base to locate the airfield. The topography of the station in relation to the road has been immortalised in the Station badge, in which the Longbow bowstring represents Ermine Street bent to accommodate the lengthened runway, and the arrow representing the runway itself.


RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire plays an important role in the protection of UK airspace as the home of No 1 Air Control Centre.

It is also home to the Mobile Meteorological Unit and to the world famous Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team (The Red Arrows).

600 personnel work at RAF Scampton, including Service personnel, contractors and civil servants.


Wing Commander Neill Atkins BA BSc MA MSc RAF

Wing Commander Neill Atkins assumed command of Royal Air Force Scampton in August 2020.  Born in North Yorkshire and educated in Scotland, he is an Air Operations (Control) officer who commissioned into the Royal Air Force in 1997, and previously served at Scampton from 2013 to 2015.

Atkins has served at Control and Reporting Centres in the UK and the Falkland Islands as well as roles on 56 (Reserve) Squadron, Defence Equipment & Support, Permanent Joint Headquarters and was the Exec Officer of Ops Wing at RAF Waddington and, most recently, he served as the Air Plans Officer in Headquarters NATO Rapid Deployable Corps-Turkey. Atkins’ operational deployments have been in various locations across the Broader Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean.  He has previously commanded 303 Signals Unit and 34 Expeditionary Air Wing. He is a graduate of the RAF Aerosystems Course and Advanced Command and Staff College; he is married with three young children and represents the Royal Air Force in the sport of gliding.


RAF Scampton, Lincoln, LN1 2ST.

Council: Lincolnshire County Council

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  • 1943 - 617 Squadron was established for the Dambusters mission.
  • 1956 - The runway was extended to 10,000 feet for the Vulcan bombers.
  • 2000 - Red Arrows return to RAF Scampton after 5 years at RAFC Cranwell.
  • 2006 - No 1 Air Control Centre deploy to Afghanistan.
  • 2016 - RAF Scampton celebrated its centenary.


On 13 October 1916, Air Station Brattleby Cliff opened as a Home Defence Flight unit prior to being renamed RAF Scampton in 1918, making the Station one the RAF's oldest.

After a short hiatus the Station became home to 617 Squadron (known as the 'Dambusters') from where they flew their most famous mission - Operation CHASTISE.

Post war RAF Scampton was the home of the Vulcan bomber.

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