Low flying

The Red Arrows (RAFAT) and Scampton Flying Club usually fly Monday to Sunday, 8am to 5pm.


All low flying complaints are to be made to Station Adjutant:

Phone: 01522 733113

Drone Flying

Operators flying drones near any military airfield must ensure they are aware of the UK policy for their safe operation. The Drone Code forms part of the Civil Aviation Authority's advice and guidance to drone operators which can be found on their website.

Night flying

Night flying is done during military operations and to train aircrew.

It can take place Monday to Thursday, for one or two weeks a year. It can start from 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise.

Viewing area

You can safely watch aircraft from the viewing area at the Red Arrows Viewing Enclosure (RAVE) located on the A15 northbound shortly after the Main Gate. 

Get updates about flying

Updates on the Red Arrows (RAFAT) and Scampton Flying Club activity are published on Twitter: @RAFRedArrows or @RAFRed10.

Visiting Aircraft

Use of RAF Scampton's airfield is PPR only, visiting aircraft are to book via email: [email protected]

Please also use this email address if a copy of the Defence Aerodrome Manual is required and the latest version will be sent.