RAF(U) Swanwick


HMS Collingwood HIVE

HMS Collingwood HIVE
NPFS RN HIVE Collingwood Information Office
Unit Pay Office, Hood Building
HMS Collingwood, Newgate Lane, Fareham
PO14 1AS

Email: Collingwood@hivegb.co.uk

Phone: 01329 333730

Opening times: Monday to Friday, 9am to 3pm.


There are no childcare facility at RAF(U) Swanwick.


There is no housing accommodation on the Station. RAF Personnel will be housed a HMS Collingwood.

Contact the MoD Housing allocation:

Phone: 01517 281630

Welfare flats may be available, contact MoD Southwick Park:

Phone: 02392 284210

Or contact the out of hours welfare:

Phone: 07899 064 871

Health and welfare

Medical centre

The medical facilities for the Station are provided by HMS Collingwood but are for serving personnel only.

Dependants will need to seek out their own medical provision.

Dental centre

The Dental facilities for the Station are provided by HMS Collingwood.

Contact the HMS Collingwood Dental Centre:

Phone: 01329 332423


Contact the SSAFA Work, Samantha Bateman:

Email: Samantha.bateman@ssafa.org.uk

Phone: 07500 102568


Chaplains services are provided by MoD Southwick Park Padre:

Phone: 02392 284205


Station Gym

RAF(U) Swanwick has a small gym within the building, accessed by authorised personnel only. There are no other sports facilities on the unit.

Opening times: Monday to Sunday, 24 hours.


There is a staff restaurant and 24 hour vending machines on the Station.

Children and young people

RAF(U) Swanwick does not have children and young people's facilities. 

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