Away from home at Christmas

A month after the First World War had finished in 1918, the Royal Air Force was celebrating its first Christmas since its formation. Less than a year old the RAF, in the wake of the war, was already deployed across the world, from Europe to the Middle East. Ninety-nine years later, the RAF continues to be deployed at Christmas, serving the British people 24/7, 365 days a year.

Across the world, members of the Royal Air Force have celebrated Christmas every year since its creation, and this year is no different.

Service personnel can be found in a variety of roles around the world; whether it is working in a British Embassy, on exchange or training with our international partners or serving on an overseas RAF base like the ones on the Falkland and Ascension Islands.

Most notable amongst those who will be spending Christmas away from their families this year are those involved in the ongoing fight against Daesh, through Op Shader.

Closer to home, members of the Royal Air Force will continue to protect UK interests at home over Christmas. The pilots who provide the RAF’s Quick Reaction Alert force are no exception to this, as are the people who support this capability.

As you celebrate Christmas this year, take a moment to think about those members of the RAF who will still be serving throughout the holiday period, and those who are away from their families.