RAF100 Baton Relay

On 1 April, one hundred years since the formation of the Royal Air Force, a specially designed baton set off on a journey around the UK and abroad.

The baton will be carried by lots of different willing volunteers that all have a connection to the RAF and over 100 days will visit 100 sites associated with the RAF.

The idea of the baton relay originally began as an orienteering challenge and still has a significant element of that in it. Each baton carrier will be given just a start and end point and they will have to work out the rest themselves.

The baton will be carried by RAF personnel, cadets, veterans and members of the many sporting associations that make up the RAF.

Amongst many means of travel, it will be transported by boat along the River Thames by the RAF Rowing Club, carried by the RAF Falcons as they parachute from an aircraft, be ridden on horseback and power kited along Benbecula.

The relay began its journey at the Royal Courts of Justice on 1 April 2018 and will end 100 days later on 10 July on Horseguards Parade.

Keep an eye out for updates on social media channels by searching #RAFBatonRelay and following the baton on Facebook and Twitter.