Remember RAF100

The Remember RAF100 project commemorates those who have died in RAF service with a special focus on the First World War and on war graves and memorials in the British Isles.

Schools, families, community groups and more across the UK were invited to join the project to mark the centenary of the Armistice, discover local history and commemorate the contributions of air force personnel. There were a number of ways to get involved.

Illustrate a specially commissioned poetry book

Poet and children’s author Jim Eldridge has written accessible poems about the RAF, flight, conflict, death and remembrance for children and young people. Groups that took part illustrated the poems and created a unique poetry book for the project which was shared with their communities.

Explore your local history and commemorate air service personnel

The Remember RAF100 database holds records of the graves and memorials for over 4,800 air service personnel who are buried or commemorated in the United Kingdom and is designed to help you research air service personnel who lost their lives in World War One. Use the database to discover your local heritage and remember air service personnel by visiting a grave or memorial.

Free resources and funding

There were many free project resources available, including a creative resource pack for primary school teachers that includes poems on key project themes, as well as lesson and assembly plans.

Get creative with a step-by-step guide for making model plans out of unusual yet everyday materials such as toast or celery.

Remember RAF100 is part of Remember Together, which brings diverse communities together to commemorate shared – and often sidelined – heritage, bringing significant marginalised heritage into the mainstream.

Find out more at and email to join Remember RAF100.