Showcasing sports to kids

RAF Cosford played host to a day of sporting fun for local children. The aim of the day was to provide children with the opportunity to engage in sports which they may not have experienced before or may not have the chance to ever try.

RAF Cosford is home to the RAF’s School of Physical Training and the perfect place to host such an event. With sports such golf and snowboarding being showcased, it shows the breadth and depth of what RAF Sport has to offer.

Sport is integral to forces life and is played and enjoyed across all levels, from a kick about with colleagues, all the way up to inter-services competition.

Physical development is a key component of UK Armed Forces operational capability helping to prepare service men and women for the challenging environments they can face.

It helps to cultivate and nurture passion, teamwork and personal growth and best of all, sports get significant funding, allowing personnel to try things they never thought possible before.

The RAF has 49 sporting associations with over 90 sub-disciplines active today, ranging from the mainstream sports such as hockey, netball, football, badminton and rugby, to the more extreme, such as kite surfing, sports parachuting, motor sports and snowboarding.

Whatever your sport, there is something out there for everyone! All sports offered by the RAF are open to everyone and anyone can do it as part of their work; RAF personnel are given ‘time for sport’ not ‘time off for sport’

The RAF has charitable arms, the RAF Central Fund and the RAF Sports Federation, as well as a range of generous sponsors who help pay for some of the sport activities to enhance what is provided and help with things like overseas trips – this helps the RAF to keep sport affordable, accessible and provide opportunity for all.

This underpins the RAF’s approach to sport, providing everyone with the opportunity to have a go at new sports, develop new passions and abilities and to strive to be the best you can be. But, really importantly, it’s also great fun and contributes to the lifestyle that our Service personnel (of all ages) enjoy.