Marathon Man

Senior Aircraftman Jon Ward tells us why he is planning on running 100 marathons by 1 April 2018

I have been in the RAF for just over seven years now as a Logistics Mover, doing tours of the Falklands and Cyprus as well as postings in the UK. I’ve always been very active, so the free gym membership and the number of adventure training activities offered by the RAF are fantastic for me.  Distance running in particular has always been something I have enjoyed doing. It was always my ambition to run the London Marathon and I first ran it in 2007 at the age of 22. I can’t quite explain the feeling that you get when you finally cross the finish line and I think people go two ways after doing  a marathon; they either vow never to do one again or you get the running bug and want to sign up for another.


I found that being in the RAF had really improved my fitness and it was after my sixth marathon, in Dublin, when I first considered attempting to achieve membership of the 100 Marathon Club. By September 2016 I had completed 21 marathons and I asked myself, could I get to 100 marathons by the 1 April 2018? I decided yes, and what could possibly be better than running my 100th marathon on the 100 year anniversary of the RAF? I aim to have completed another eight marathons over the next four weeks, putting my total up to 53 Marathons so far. 


I think it is important to commemorate the 100th anniversary because it is a massive landmark for the RAF. I think we need to show how important the RAF is to UK Defence, that the Force is still going strong and is set to remain at the forefront of the UKs airpower for years to come.  RAF100 will be an historic event and I am proud that I’ll still be serving during this landmark occasion, and hopefully I’ll make a little history myself by achieving my ambition.