TCW Crest


Tactical Communications Wing

Tactical Communications Wing (TCW) is the expeditionary arm of 90 SU, generating teams of professionals in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) at the required levels of Readiness to deploy. TCW has been involved in all the RAF's major military operations since 1969 and currently has teams of personnel deployed across Afghanistan. The TCW crest, a Rock Dove, the ancient ancestor of the carrier pigeon, and the lightning bolt, a symbol synonymous with communications in the RAF, is underpinned by the motto, "Ubique Loquimur" or "We Speak Everywhere."

TCW has been in existence for nearly 40 years and originates from the lessons identified in the ill-fated 1956 Suez Crisis. Many lessons were learnt as a direct result of the intervention, one of which became the need to provide deployable support to expeditionary air operations. As a consequence, 38 Group Support Unit was formed in 1962, based at RAF Odiham. However, it soon became apparent that communications were a significant support task and in 1965, No. 50 Tactical Signals Unit was formed, subsuming the communications support provided from within 38 Group Support Unit.

The Wing, as it was affectionately known, and its commitments continued to grow, and in 1967 it was renamed the Tactical Signals Wing. It gained its present name in 1969 following a move to RAF Benson and then in 1976 moved to RAF Brize Norton. TCW then made a further move in 2008 to its present home at RAF Leeming.

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