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The principal aim of RAF Active is to encourage Royal Air Force personnel to partake in team and individual sports and adventurous activities and to encourage a healthy lifestyle. This should develop highly desirable personal qualities - respect, integrity, service and excellence - that would be of benefit to the individual as well as the Royal Air Force. The secondary aims are to help retain quality and recruit potential. Retention of quality individuals can be supported by reminding them of the extra-curricular opportunities available within the Service. Recruitment can be assisted by demonstrating to prospective recruits the potential for sports and adventurous activities that are on offer in the Service, and to assist the Royal Air Force in promoting a positive image with the general public. (RAF Active Constitution, 2007)

If you are involved in a sport, that others know little about, or have just returned from an expedition or overseas tour, and you would like to share your experiences with others throughout the RAF, contact the RAF Active Editorial Team to discuss how you can get your thoughts into print. If you are a keen sports photographer and would like to see your work published, please also get in touch.

Aug - Nov 2017

RAF Active Edition 73

Inside this Issue: Ice Hockey, Nordic Skiing, Stunt Riding, Badminton and Motocross and much much more .....

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