Motorbike race.

Summer 2007 - Edition 33


First, an apology. Those of you who read the spring editorial (well done) will no doubt have turned quickly to page 29 to check out details of the trumpeted photo competition. Except of course that it wasn’t there – my fault entirely as, after our big prize fell through, I forgot to amend the editorial. We still hope to bring you the competition as soon as we can, so do keep snapping.

In the meantime, we have a broad range of articles to keep you occupied and enthused. Some detail the successful exploits of either experienced athletes or beginners in their chosen sport, while other are unabashed entreaties for you to leave the safety of your comfort zone and have a go yourself. After all, how will you ever know you existed if you never lived?

Also, a quick welcome to our new editorial team members. Their enthusiasm and inspiration will, I’m sure, help to keep the magazine exciting and fresh, so please make full use of them to chat about your ideas for articles or suggestions about future content.

Jane Disley

OK….I have just lost £200 at the Grand National, I’ve started sneezing a lot and my fiancée has just forced me to put a hammock up in the garden….it must be summer round the corner! Of course this can only be to my advantage: as she lazes in the garden I will be able to watch (uninterrupted) some of my favourite big sporting attractions (FA cup final, London marathon, motorbike grand prix etc..etc…etc..) However, for many of us this is the season when we push our ‘active buttons’ and, rather than just watching sport, we start getting out and about a bit more. This might mean dusting off the old walking boots, running shoes, bikes or gym gear, but now could also be an ideal opportunity to encounter new and exciting activities. With the Met Office promising us the potential for the hottest summer on record we will be running out of excuses not to venture into the great outdoors, either here or abroad.

Whilst we may find many pros and cons in living a ‘Forces’ life, one of the obvious advantages is the plethora of opportunities and activities we have access to. Some of the articles in this issue reflect just a tiny proportion of what we can get up to if the whim takes us!

I really like the fact that our outlook is truly global; for example, in this edition of Active we cover the extremes of Everest Base camp to adventurous training in North Wales. Of course there are those among us who are looking for a new activity which will simply help us to get to an improved level of fitness. Again, the promise of such a scorching summer brings with it the threat of baring more flesh or trying to look as attractive as you did last year in your Speedos/bikini! Maybe that will be the motivator for you to turn to the article on running which charts why it can be a beneficial alternative to ‘Weight Watchers’ and pumping iron!

I trust this edition finds you in fine fettle and that we can in some way contribute to your venturing out and making the most of the summer…..enjoy and remember, some of the worst cases of sunburn are reported on cloudy days! (Just a fact I felt compelled to share!)

Si Kirby
Deputy Editor


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