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BSES Mentors Open Doors to Young Explorers in its 75th Anniversary Year

Exploring the wild and undertaking scientific and environmental research is a dream that many young people can only wish-upon-a-star for, maybe because they haven’t got a clue where to start or because they have no support that they know of! The British Schools Exploring Society (BSES Expeditions) holds the key to making those dreams a reality for many people. Their new mentoring and bursary schemes are available to all 16-23 year olds who register with one of their unique expeditions. This scheme will help them raise the funds and give them much-needed fundraising support.

African sunset BSES Expeditions is a non-profit, UK-based charity which is this year celebrating its 75th anniversary in May. It was founded in 1932 by the late Surgeon Commander G Murray Levick, a member of Scott’s final Antarctic Expedition of 1910-13, and for three-quarters of a century has been providing opportunities for young people of all abilities to take part in adventure projects that involve science research in wilderness areas. One of the longest running organisations of its type, they take the lucky individuals to far flung places such as Greenland, Madagascar and the Antarctic. BSES Expeditions is bringing remote and demanding areas of the world within reaching distance to help keen explorers with personal and social development as well making a difference whilst there.

Over the past 75 years, the BSES has:

* Discovered one new site of bushman artwork and artefacts in Africa.
* Trekked 57.6 times around the world. (That’s 2,303,840km!)
* Measured 133 glacier snouts in the Arctic.
* Recorded 13,860 blood pressures in high altitude physiology studies.
* Protected 30,000 turtle eggs.

BSES Expeditions Executive Director, Will Taunton-Burnet is excited about the new mentoring scheme. ‘It’s great that in our 75th anniversary year we have introduced a new guidance package that will help many young people realize their dreams of adventure, so we can continue to appeal to as diverse a range of people as possible. Many young people have the potential to take part in an outdoor challenge, but lack the confidence or the funds to apply. This is often because their family, friends or educators have no history of expeditions, or they are unaware of the different fundraising possibilities available.’

Rainbow and cedars trees in Malawi Each fundraising mentor is specifically selected from the BSES Expeditions’ membership scheme and local businesses throughout the UK. They have first-hand project management skills and experience for all is needed to get that adventure of a lifetime off the ground. They are then matched to the young explorers going on an expedition, and will meet at least once a month to provide practical advice and support. The mentors are also on hand to guide their mentee through the fundraising process. Crucially, as a team the mentor and young explorer will work together to devise an action plan to ensure that cash targets are met.

The bursary schemes which are available ease the pressure of finding the money to fund a trip for the young explorers. So long as the adventure is within the BSES remit, guidance will be given about funding availability from various bursary schemes that can be confusing for the novice.

If the budget of the expedition is not met, the mentor has the opportunity to present a case to BSES Expeditions to see if they will make up the full amount. Will Taunton-Burnet explains, ‘We would never want to turn down a budding young explorer because the cost of the expedition was not met. If we can see that they have put their heart and soul into attempting to raise the cash themselves, we can often help them out.’

The total cost of a BSES Expedition ranges from £2,400 for a four week trip to £5,000 for a three month gap year expedition. In many instances, the total fund is met by a combination of fundraising and bursaries.

Few would dispute that participation in a BSES Expedition is a life-changing experience. The combination of physical challenges with scientific fieldwork and conservation in remote wilderness environments encourages the development of personal confidence, teamwork and leadership skills, as well as a spirit of adventure and exploration.

The youth development charity is currently recruiting young explorers to take part in expeditions which include Madagascar, The Yukon, the Antarctic region, Greenland, The Amazon, Svalbard and Ladakh.

Carrie-Anne Savage

For further information:

BSES Expeditions, The Royal Geographical Society, 1 Kensington Gore, London, SW7 2AR

Telephone: 020 7591 3141, fax: 020 7591 3140, email:

Carrie-Anne Savage, 020 7569 3044 or or Tina Fotherby, 020 7569 3042 or at The Yes Consultancy or

Djanira Cortesão, Marketing Manager at BSES Expeditions, 020 7591 3141 or

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