RAF Ten Pin Bowling Squad

RAF Bowlers Get Top World Tenpin Bowling Coach

As part of an incentive by the Royal Air Force Tenpin Bowling Association Tim Mack (3-times world tenpin bowler of the year, with 66 titles in 5 different continents) was co-opted by Lol Ellis, the informal, ex-Team England and Commonwealth representative and also Royal Air Force squad team coach, to impart some of his world-renowned skills in the sport of tenpin bowling.

Tim’s specialised clinics have captured a large following throughout Europe; at Burton Bowl, Derbyshire, on Wed 18 Jan 07, 11 RAF and Command representative bowlers were ready to have their games ripped to shreds, taken back to basics then raised to new levels.

The three-hour session featured before and after video footage, comprising the stature of the body before and during the approach and, more importantly to most of us, the delivery at the foul line through the timing and release. In addition to all this, an increased knowledge in a wide range of areas applicable to today’s ever-changing game and conditions were targeted, as was the improvement of both the mental and physical game. Elements such as the analysis, adapting and playing of different lane conditions were discussed and practised at great length, along with ideas and experiences of the physical alterations required to incorporate these changes.

All-in-all this ‘Mack Attack Clinic’ has already proven invaluable to those that were able to attend.

With the continued support of the RAF Sports Lottery Board and the efforts and interest shown by the Director of the Sports Board, the sport of tenpin bowling will soon recognise more national bowlers, at a level of competition far exceeding the majority of ‘recognised sports’, in the Armed Forces. To be part of this growing representation all you have to do is contact your unit representative, P Ed Flt or myself, Les Keates (RAF Team Manager) on 95221 x 7064.

The following personnel took part in the ‘Mack Attack Clinic’:

Brize Norton – Les Keates, Chris Smith & Rebecca Barnes
Benson – Paul Caddy & Mark Granados
Wittering – Sean Keates & Tony Ladds
Cottesmore – Dave Taylor
Honington – Claire Keefe
Abbey Wood – Paul Maddock
Syerston – Graham Kishere

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