SAC Tiffiny Dickenson

Autumn 2007 - Edition 34


Are you fit enough? 'Fit enough for what? you might ask. If you are a Service person, the Armed Forces set you fitness targets to enable you to operate effectively and safely in a hostile operational environment. In this edition of RAF Active, we have included an article produced by the PEd branch which outlines the background to the new fitness test and the standards we will all be requfired to meet. With three years left to serve, I always strive to reach the highest category. This is not because I am a girly swot, but because I have an aspiration to be as fit as possible to enjoy a long, healthy and active retirement. Whether you are a Service person or civilian, it is my desire to inspire you, through the pages of RAF Active, to make the most of the opportunities the RAF offers in order to maintain and perhaps improve your own fitness.

An additional benefit of taking up some kind of sport or trying something new is that it can help with our mental well-being. It gives us something to look forward to in those working weeks that feel long and difficult and it releases the proverbial endorphins that help to make us feel good about the world. Whilst we haven't had the greatest weather recently, there is plenty of time left for an'Indian summer' before autumn truly arrives. Rain or shine though, there are plenty of options to that will allow you to burn off that flab, tighten those muscles and get the heart racing. The higher we aim, the greater will be our achievement.

Jane Disley, Editor

I've learnt my lesson I'm going to steer clear of making any references to the weather.  Apple or Orange, which is best? I know, you can't compare, they are just different. Stay with me on this one! If I'm driving and want an easy to eat snack (casting aside the choc bar obviously), the apple has to win: no peeling, but tasty and easy to eat. But at half time in my 5-aside footy game I wouldn't be too pleased to be offered a quarter of a Golden Delicious, when all I want is a thirst quenching, juicy orange. Every edition of Active presents us with the difficult task of deciding which jolly jaunts and testimonies of bravery and triumph will make it into the hallowed pages. Not as easy as it first may seem, as we all have such diverse interests that one person's apple is another's orange! This isn't a pre-amble to a new recipe section (now there's a thought!), but we hope that we get the balance right for you, our esteemed reader. If you like or, perish the thought, don't like, something you read in the magazine, let us know your thoughts and suggestions.

I recently participated in a really successful day's 'yomping' around the Lake District. This was only one day out of the office, which my Boss liked, but it proved that you don't need to scale Everest to have a successful and challenging outing from the workplace. The activity ticked all the boxes for team building, physical challenge and taking individuals outside their comfort zone. Furthermore, it was the sunniest day for quite a while. Doh! I almost managed to steer clear of the weather.

Si Kirby, Deputy Editor

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