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RAF Active welcomes 3 new members to the Team


Gez Currie - Cycling Editor Gez Currie - Cycling Editor I would describe myself as a bit of an all-rounder when it comes to the outdoor sports I do. I have been white-water kayaking since I started university in 1991 and also like hill walking, snow boarding and pretty much most outdoor sports. I began to get involved properly with mountain biking in 1999 having dabbled with it for a few years. I have biked mainly in Scotland, England and Wales, but have also been to Morzine in the French Alps, Chile, Australia and the USA. It is now my main sport and I recently passed the Scottish Mountain Biking Leadership Award, Trail Cycle Leader Qualification. I hope as the Cycling Editor that I will represent and have a greater exposure to other aspects of the sport.


Harriet McAuliffe - AT Facilities Harriet McAuliffe - AT Facilities As a jack of all trades (skydiving, mountain biking, motorbikes, windsurfing and more) and master of none of them, I'm keen to make the most of all the adventure training opportunities the RAF has to offer. If you have an AT facility (large or small), run a club, provide courses or have any kit available then let me know! And if you have any experience of organising expeds or training that could benefit our readers then please get in touch and share your knowledge - we want to help people get the most of what's out there.


Elise Kidd - Equitation Editor My aim as Equitation Sub Editor is to expose the wide range of equestrian activities that take place in the RAF. To do this I need your help! If you have been involved in any form of equitation, at any level, then please contact me with ideas for articles to promote our sport and encourage new people to get involved.

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