Track and Field 2008

Edition 36 - Spring 2008

Editorial - A few words from Jane Disley and Si Nelson-Kirby, our Editor & Deputy Editor respectively.

What's On - More opportunities for readers to join in with some adventure and sport.

Mad Dogs, and Englishman and a Bike - How mad can you get? Ant Downing’s ride across the USA must be the most extraordinary use of PODL ever.

Tour to Cape Verde - Wind-surfing heaven on the challenging waves around Cape Verde.

Urban Cycling - An account of the perfect way to introduce physical activity into your office-bound, city-based job.

JSHPC Rising High in Wales - An inspiring article that whets your appetite for soaring high above the land without mechanical assistance.

Emirates Dubai Rugby Sevens - Rising to the challenge of high-level 7-aside rugby after a very special training session.

Doing it Down Under - Combined Service Netball Squad prove their worth at the National Netball Carnival in Sydney.

Ultimate Wild Water with Kate Silverton - Interview with the BBC journalist who threw caution to the wind in an amazing kayak challenge

Mind Over Matter - Air cadets’ training culminates in the successful ascent of the Giant’s Tooth high in the Alps.

The Chain Line - Most of us can spare half a day for a bit of outdoor activity. Any other excuses?

Exercise MOTHER’S MELTDOWN - Blood, sweat and tears in Mallorca with plenty of achievement thrown in.

When Basra just isn’t dangerous enough - Heart-in-your-mouth drama with the Isle of Man TT Race.

Jungle Ranger - A brief report on the once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Amazon jungle by UAS students.

Polo:  Rugby on Horseback - This brief account of polo action will challenge your preconceptions of polo.

Powerlifting at Competitive Level - Find out what makes a truly inspiring world champion.

Ski Shishapangma - Just to prove that personal and development can be maximised despite not acheiving your goals.



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