A Passage to India

Edition 37 - Summer 2008

Editorial - A few words from Si Nelson-Kirby and Leigh Posthumus, our Editor & Deputy Editor respectively.

What's On - More opportunities for readers to join in with some adventure and sport.

What Makes a Good Sportsman? - Have the qualities that make a good sportsman changed much since 1919?

You Don't Have to Fly to be a Pilot in the RAF -  - The RAF Power Kite Association was only formed in Jul 07, we got the chance to meet up during a recent training weekend.

Team Spiky Fish  - The exciting exploits of a novice pair 20 during a season of Zap Cat racing. 

RAF Boxing Supports Hep for Heroes Charity  - A ‘one-off’ evening of competition all in support of a very worthwhile Service charity.

Trouble and Strife in Northern France  - Three interpid mountain bikers feel the strain during a seven day excursion.

Flt Lt Sam Smithson  - One Servicewoman who has a strong claim to the title of Combined Services Sportswoman of the Year 2007.

A Passage to India - We follow the RAF Cricket Association's tour to compete against some of the best cricketers in the world.

Svalbard 2007  - An exciting expedition organised by the British Schools Exploring Society - you could be on their next trip!

A Bridge too Far  - Ever wondered what it would be like to go on a Unit expedition to New Zealand?

Nijmegen 2007 - Marching 100 miles in four days, how hard is that? 

Ex Muddy Climb  - It's never too late in your career to go on you first Unit expedition.

Edinburgh Marathon  - A personal account of training and running your first marathon.

RAF Lyneham Ironmen  - Arguably, the ultimate physical challenge. .

Six Legs in the RAF  - One man's story of an equestrian career in the RAF.



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