Ron Salmon skiing

Edition 39 - Winter 2008

Editorial - A few words from Si Nelson-Kirby and Leigh Posthumus, our Editor & Deputy Editor respectively.

What's On - More opportunities for readers to join in with some adventure and sport.

Doing the Downhill - You don’t have to stand up when skiing but it does tend to make you look more professional.

Netball in the Caribbean? - You’d better believe it, the RAF Netball Squad travelled to St Lucia to try and become Caribbean Queens of Netball.

Orienteering Kiwi Style - It’s just like a walk in the park - except you are running, a lot. Oh, and navigating too. Not really like a walk at all then.

Aphrodites Yosemite Challenge - Bears, bacterial infections and BBQs. Some guys (and girls) have all the fun!

Just Popping Out to Berlin - Make sure you bring me back some beer and sausages.

Ice Climbing World Cup - See, your mum was right. Perseverance can pay off.

Flt Lt David Sale Memorial Hockey Match - Great hockey - in aid of a good cause.

TIREE MARIN - Windsurfing - sounds like fun. Windsurfing off an island on the North West coast of Scotland - sounds like madness.

Lord Wakefield Boxing Tournament - Not going to try and be funny here in case I offend somebody who is good at punching.

Eye of the Thaiger 08 - The RAF Martial Arts Association (RAF MMA) revisit Thailand.

One Week Itinerary - One climber’s itinerary - Oh, I can hear the arguments brewing already. Best resolved over a pint methinks Counter arguments gratefully received.

Petawawa Pursuit - You’ve heard of dancing with wolves. Now here’s canoeing with ‘mozzies’..

Kintyre 08 - More mozzies here I am sure.

Everyone’s a Winner - Who said that? Errol Brown?

Snow Ant - More skiing action. - Not sure about ants skiing though. Maybe it’s a Canadian thing.

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