Compined Services Under 23

Edition 40 - Spring 2009

Editorial - A few words from Si Nelson-Kirby and Leigh Posthumus, our Editor & Deputy Editor respectively.

What's On - More opportunities for readers to join in with some adventure and sport.

Austrian Extravaganza - ‘Oooh Johnny Briggs are were havin an extravaganza in t’ park...?’ (You have got to be a certain age for this one).

RAF Riders Success - Brings a whole new meaning to getting down on one (bended) considerable speed.

Young Talent Triumphs Down Under - Youth of today. What do they know? (Apart from how to play excellent hockey in excessive heat).

Rowing Tour - Row row row your boat, gently down the stream.... hang on...actually this is quite hard, rowing to New England....oh no...rowing in New England.

Tough Guy 2009 - Nuff said (if a little sexist).

Power Kiting - Watch out for my sandcastle! Power Kiters hit the beach in Anglesey.

Baguettes and Barrels - Surfing in South West France. Life is goooood!

Lanzarote Running - Now, I am not too keen on running and I don’t much like the heat. And you want to go running on Lanzarote? Madness.

Squash - Is this the same as ‘pile on?’ Err, probably not but turn to p54 to find out.

Getting started in motorsport cheaply - Brmm Brmm. Gotta be better than using your own car in traffic light drag races against young men in souped up Novas.

Through Difficulties to the Skye - Hang-on a minute. Isn’t that me??

California Dreaming - More Iron Man racing. Wow this stuff looks hard-core.

Exercise Falkland Stride - Like California but colder...sort of .

Rugby in South Africa - Fun, sun and all in aid of a good cause. Nice one.

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