Autumn 2009 - Edition 42 of RAF Active

Edition 42 - Autumn 2009

Editorial - A few words from Stu Clarke (OIC RAF Active).

What's On - More opportunities for readers to join in with some adventure and sport.

Reflections from the Mountains - Skiing and shooting things? What’s not to like?

California Dreamin Part 3 - As Luke Skywalker said to himself whilst flying inside the Death Star, ‘Almost there…almost there…’

Battle Back Adaptive Skiing - Determination and courage by the bucket load.

Inter-Services Gliding Champs - I was struggling to read the Editor’s handwriting and thought this was about the Inter-Services Filing Champs, now there’s a thought!

A Day in the Life of the RAF Mountain Rescue Service - See what the RAF’s ‘Kings of the Mountains’ get up to.

Get Your Boots on for Charity - See that desert? Then go and walk across it.

The London Wall and an Audience of One Million - Some ‘walls’ are harder to get over than others and this is quite a tough one! .

Round the Island Yacht Race - Avast you blaggards, where is Captain Jack Sparrow when you need him?

Ironman South Africa - Who is the toughest? This is definitely one way to find out it!

Strong Wind and Big Waves - I think you can get medication for this sort of thing.

Ex Wire and Wheels 2 - More grins than you can shake a stick at or are those grimaces?

Until 6 Months Ago - What a difference 6 months can make.

Through Difficulties to the Skye Part 2 - No midges, clear skies and warm sunshine – surely this must be a mistake?

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