Spring 2010

Edition 44 - Spring 2010

Editorial - A few words from Air Cdre Richard Gammage and Leigh Postumus (Deputy Editor - RAF Active).

What's On - More opportunities for readers to join in with some adventure and sport.

California Dreaming- The dream comes to an end with some blood, sweat and gears. But was it a happy ending? read on to find out.

Catch the pigeon, catch the pigeon...... - Failing that you could always shoot it! Those clay pigeons are tricky blighters!

Dive in the Sun..... - So you want me to fly to Ascension and then dive in warm, clear blue seas..err let me think about that.

Tri State Challenge - The Grand Canyon. Grand innit! Trekking, MTB and Rafting. I am jealous.

Exped HIMALAYAN Seventy - RAF Lossiemouth Mounatineering Club reach for the skies in Nepal.

Sydney to Hobart Race - RAF crew beats the RN at their own game

Trans-Provence 09 - Gap to Monaco - Apart from the '90 degree ankle' bit I really like the sound of this. MTB in southern France - where do I sign up?

Adventure Racing - Running around Bristol and clambering over various obstacles, is this a normal night out in a City centre?

Competitive Carp Angling in the RAF - Why not read this and see if you get hooked? (I am so sorry for that..)

Sports Parachuting - Bring on the 'jumping out of a serviceable aeroplane gags'.

Triathlon For Beginners - More energy expended by RAF Active's own Triathlon/Adventure Racing expert.

Orienteering 'down under' - Is it true that the water goes down the plug hole the wrong way 'down under'? Read on to find out. (I may have lied about that).

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