RAF Reserves - Rescue Rider

Edition 45 - Summer 2010

Editorial - A few words from Si Nelson-Kirby (Editor - RAF Active).

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough - I could not disagree more, but if you throw in sickness, dizziness, frozen fingers and severe headaches then nothing can stop some intrepid people from succeeding in a truly memorable charity challenge.

Thundercats are Go! - Boats jumping 10 feet out of the surf and reaching some impressive speeds. Also, another factoid for our readers, shares the name from the classic 80’s cartoon series that is being made into a film later this year.

RAF Riders do the Double - You wait 20 years to win one major trophy at the Royal Windsor Horse Show and then what happens…..

A Rallying Return - Some people just feel the need for speed and can’t stay away from a fast rally car.

Big Drops, Small Helicopters and Wild Boar - Using a helicopter to transport your kayak up some wicked white water in New Zealand, not heard this one before.

A Passion for Polo - Not the car or the mint with a hole in the middle, the sport that got a quote from, quite bizarrely, Sly Stallone.

The World’s Most Southerly Marathon - Biting wind and only a few penguins to cheer you on. If you have been on an OOA to the Falkland Islands then you will have a lot of respect for these runners.

The Four Dimensions - I have been struggling to improve my golf for years, so this might just be the help I need. The 4 Dimensions of Golf

Chase the Storm - Well in fact not much chasing was required, as the weather around the Inner Scottish Hebrides usually chases you and won’t go away.

RAF Reserves Rescue Rider - Another great example of how the RAF's recruiting campaign can actually benefit Service personnel and MOD Staff.

Who Rules the Ring? - Go on admit it, we have all secretly wanted to be the karate kid (or is that just me?), but these guys are the real McCoy.

Snorkelling for All - I didn’t know that the snorkel is apparently one of the most controversial pieces of dive equipment, however, this hasn’t stopped it from becoming the subject of a new initiative.

RAF Active Article Award 2010 - No apologies for mentioning the launch of this fabulous competition, with the chance to win cash and sportswear, and I am not going to shut up about it for the next 2 Editions.

Netballers Regain Titles- - Sometimes, nothing can get in the way of success.

What's On- More opportunities for readers to join in with some adventure and sport.

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