Autumn 2010

Edition 46 - Autumn 2010

Editorial - A few words from Si Nelson-Kirby (Editor - RAF Active).

Atlas Adventure - One of the scariest starts to an article in RAF Active, thankfully the chance for one man to push his limits were fully rewarded.

Mountain Mayhem - Do you like mountain biking? No, do you REALLY like mountain biking? Do you like it enough to race for 24 hrs? Well some people clearly do and you can read about their exploits here.

Ride Forrest Ride - Now this is just getting silly. Clearly a 24 hr cycle race is not good enough for some people. These athletes decided to enter a gruelling cycle race across America. Now where did I put that rubber ring?

A Strange Beastie - Are we talking about the Loch Ness Monster or our very own Deputy Features Editor (Dave Hanson) preparing to run his first marathon?

Mastering the Monster Waves - A great tale of chasing the waves around the UK and having to master whatever conditions you encounter.

7s Up - The RAF Rugby 7s team are put through their paces training with the England Rugby squad, before showing them the ‘ropes’ at RAF Halton.

The Wind Beneath My Wings - Does power kiting really let you ‘Ride like the wind?’and will it make you ‘feel free again’.

Ultra-Marathon Man - It must be silly season! 24 hrs mountain bike racing, riding across America and now an Ultra-Marathon in the desert. Hard men and women of the World unite in endurance sports.

Total Winning Wipeout - Ever wondered why the popular game show is filmed in Argentina? Read on to find out how one of our own has only gone and won the series.

Squashed in Hong Kong - What a great location for a sports tour to test out the best players.

Trials and Tribulations - Now this looks like fun, imagine a mountain bike with an engine attached. Where do I sign up?

It Really Does Say a Thousand Words - Picture perfect top tips, by our very own expert photographer (Steve Bain), to accompany any article you want to send in to us.

What's On- More opportunities for readers to join in with some adventure and sport.

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